Saturday, May 7th

10:00-10:30am – White to Yellow, Yellow to Yellow-Tip, Yellow-Tip to Orange, Orange to Orange-Tip, Orange-Tip to Blue, Blue to Blue-Tip
10:30-11:00am –
Blue-Tip to Green, Green to Green-Tip, Green-Tip to Purple, Purple to Purple-Tip, Purple-Tip to Brown
11:00-11:30am –
Brown to Brown-Tip, Brown-Tip to Red, Red to Red-Tip, Red-Tip to Probationary Black, Probationary Black to Probationary Black-Tip
11:30-12:00pm –
Probationary Black-Tip to Probationary Black Final, Probationary Black Final to Black Belt

During Krav Testing, all classes are cancelled.
Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your testing group.