Song Moo Kwan/Jin Bo Ryu (The Way of Continuous Improvement). The Asian Sun Martial Arts Training Center has been training students since founder Grandmaster Ryan Andrachik first opened his doors at his original Hudson School back in 1994. Grandmaster Andrachik has been training in the martial arts since the age of 6. Assisting Grandmaster Andrachik are his original instructors, as well as his classmates along with the countless National Champion students that he produces year after year.

What makes Asian Sun stand out is it’s nonstop commitment to student excellence. Since Grandmaster Andrachik first began teaching, thousands of students have learned his Tae Kwon Do and martial arts secrets, combining the traditional arts with the latest ideas in practical self-defense.

Our school doesn’t end with the mastering of flying kicks or breaking bricks–our students are shown how the discipline of these incredible physical skills are merely the path to learning respect, control, humility and self-confidence.

Our School’s Motto is “Striving for Continuous Improvement.” Learning Martial Arts is a journey, not a destination.

Our programs offer something for everyone: short trial periods to regular memberships. We have programs available for most budget levels. During your evaluation, an Asian Sun office staff member can offer suggestions and help you to select the best program to fit your needs. We offer family memberships at discounted rates. Families are our specialty!