Grandmaster Ryan Andrachik and Staff

The instructors at Asian Sun Martial Arts are among the finest in the world. All classes are taught by a consistent team of certified Black Belt Instructors, many of which are past National Champions or have coached National Champions. Each and every instructor at Asian Sun Martial Arts is handpicked by Grandmaster Andrachik.

Asian Sun Instructors are selected from within the Asian Sun Martial Arts Organization, and started with us many years ago as beginners. They are highly skilled martial artists and motivators. They lead by example and teach with patience and enthusiasm. They are committed to helping you receive the maximum benefit from your Martial Arts training.

All Asian Sun instructors are certified through the Asian Martial Arts Council. Asian Sun Martial Arts is registered with USA Taekwondo (the National Governing Body for Taekwondo) and Amateur Athletic Union Taekwondo (AAU).

Grandmaster Ryan Andrachik

8th Dan Black Belt Master Instructor Recognized by Amateur Athletic Union, World Song Moo Kwan, Kukkiwon and USA Taekwondo.

  • Personally Taught by Grandmaster Il Joo Kim 9th Dan Black Belt, Highest Rank in USA
  • Certified Black Sash Muay Thai From Grandmaster Bob Chaney
  • Personally Produced 57 Master Instructors (4th Dan and Higher Black Belts) and over 600 Black Belt Students
  • Continuously Produces the Most National Champions and Junior National Champions in the Area Each Year
  • Asian Sun Training Center Kwan Jang Nym (Chief of the School)
  • Founder of Jin Bo Ryu Martial Arts (The Way of Success through Continuous Improvement)
  • USA Taekwondo Martial Arts Commissioner
  • Current Sports Chairman of Lake Erie Taekwondo
  • Pioneer of Taekwondo in Hudson, Ohio
  • Past USTU Ohio Taekwondo Association Secretary General
  • Regional Director-AAU Taekwondo Region 6
  • Produced 2 National Collegiate Gold Medalists