If you’re ready to make a change to your life that will replace stress with inner peace through physicality and meditation, then we can’t wait to welcome you into our program.

Take advantage of a comprehensive opportunity to reevaluate every element of your life. Use solid options to get the body that you want and the fitness that you need. Our program combines techniques that reinforce self-discipline, strength building, weight loss and self-defense. Each indispensable practice is based on ancient methods that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

And, even more importantly: Our program is good for all ages, genders, fitness levels and abilities.

Men and women, short and tall, twenty-somethings and senior citizens are welcome to improve their physical strength while taking control of their cognitive abilities. Our program will help you become stronger and healthier by:

  • Providing a workout that is personally tailored to your intensity level.
  • Offering an alternative to the gym monotony.
  • Encouraging good choices on the mat that translate to good choices in the real world.
  • Teaching the value and importance of meditation for self control and focus.

So what is this incredible program that will get you on track for achieving goals in your personal, professional and physical life?

Join us at Asian Sun for our one-of-a-kind Classes.

If you’ve ever been to the gym to workout, you know that it can be difficult to find a fitness regimen that takes a comprehensive approach to toning the whole body all at once. Machines repetitively focus on one kind of exercise, and may burn calories, but they don’t do much for strength.

Karate is a whole body workout, and it will get you in the physical shape that you want to be in by working out every muscle, every time. Students are able to focus on the body that they want without counting calories or worrying about over doing it.

Karate does not focus on extensive exertion as much as the perfection of simple moves that allow you to work within the limitations of your current fitness level.

The body does an incredible job of limiting athletes to what they are able to do at that time. By listening to the cues that your body provides, you can push yourself to a comfortable limit without overdoing it. The self-limiting ability gets you closer to your goals after each class without the injuries that come from pushing too hard.

Don’t fall for the claims that you hear on television about miracle drugs or machines that provide instant results. If there was a quick fix for health and fitness, everyone would be successfully using it.

Reclaiming your life requires dedication and perseverance, but you’re absolutely capable of it.

I know you’re capable of it because it doesn’t feel like hard work when you’re HAVING FUN.

Losing weight isn’t easy

…but it’s much more manageable if you’re having fun while doing it. Every Martial Arts workout is a blast, and you’ll get through the whole thing without realizing that you’re putting in some serious work. It’s hard to dislike shredding pounds when it just feels like you’re having fun.

In the meantime, you’ll get the waistline that you want and the physique that you have literally been fighting for.

What are you waiting for?