Black Belt Testing will be held at your Asian Sun location on Saturday, January 29th.

Schedule for Black Belt Test:

TBD – Doors Open
TBD – Warm Up
TBD – Black Belt Test Begins


*Test Applications are due by Tuesday, January 18th.
**Admission is limited to immediate family only**


Free parking is available at your Asian Sun’s parking lot.

Testing From Cho Dan Bo to Black Belt Has Two Requirements

1. Student needs to earn their Black Stripe

A student receives a color for each previous belt’s form requirement. As an example, if the student can perform Gi Cho Il Bo, they would get an Yellow Stripe. A Black Stripe is earned when all previous material is at an acceptable performance and comprehension level.

2. Student must get Master Instructor’s Final Approval

Master Instructors WILL NOT give final approval if they feel that the student cannot successfully complete and pass their Black Belt Test. This is not a guarantee the student will pass, but only one student in the last 8 years that has been recommended has failed. This high passing percentage is due to the screening that we do beforehand. Black Belt Testing is a very special event. It is a lifetime milestone. If a student is not ready, your Master Instructor will not give approval. If you get final approval, you better believe that you are ready!

Cho Dan Bo Students Should Attend Cho Dan Bo Classes

Although you will get a great workout in our other classes, there is really no substitute for CDB classes. Our regular classes have times allotted for stretching, basics, forms, one steps, breaking and free sparring. Our CDB Classes focus 100% on Black Belt Testing Requirements. If you have a scheduling conflict, please see your school’s head instructor.

When Are Black Belt Tests Held?

Black Belt Tests are typically held quarterly. Typically, the tests are held in March, June, September, and December. Check our website often for details.

If I Am Already A Black Belt, And I Am Testing For My Second or Third Dan, How Do I Know That I Am Approved To Test?

Your Master Instructor will put a white stripe (since a black stripe on a black belt will not show up very well) on your belt to signify that you are ready.

What Do I Need For My Black Belt Test?

You will need the following:

Black Belt Test Applications are found in your school’s lobby three weeks before testing.
*Test Applications are due by Tuesday, January 18th.

Please make sure that all Applications, Thesis, and Fees are turned in at the same time.

Cho Dan Bos need to have a Black Stripe on their belts (Signifying Final Approval)

Black Belts testing for 2nd Degree and higher must have all step tests completed (Red Stripe) and must also have their required Time in Rank and the Proper Attitude expected by the Master’s Council for their next rank. Testing is a PRIVILEGE, not a right.

All Black Belt Thesis Topics are available On the Black Belt Thesis Page. CLICK HERE

Make sure that you spell your name clearly so that it will be embroidered correctly

You will need to wear a clean, White Asian Sun Uniform to your test. If you do not have one, get one. You may purchase an Asian Sun Uniform with a Black Collar from our Pro-Shop here.

Try on a sample belt when you turn in your application to ensure that your belt size is correct. Remember, you will wear your embroidered 1st Dan Black Belt for at least one year.

Check our website to see what time Testing will start, including Rehearsal Time

Click Here For Information on Black Belt Step Testing

Click Here For Black Belt Thesis Paper Topics