What is Step Testing?

Step Testing is perhaps one of the best things to help students both learn their requirements for their next rank of Black Belt and to stay focused on their training.

Step Testing helps the student to set goals of what they need to learn in order to progress to the next level. Setting a short term goal would be completing their Yellow Step Test, while the long term goal would be testing for their next Dan Rank.

How Does Step Testing Work?

Each degree of Black Belt is divided into sections. Each section is color coded: Different parts of the curriculum are required for each color of step test.

In example, from 1st Dan to 2nd Dan:

At your first step test, which would be Yellow, you are required to perform No Hai. You are also responsible for the board break in No Hai. Once the test is completed, you receive a Yellow Stripe above your name on your belt.

For the next test, or Green, you are required to perform Koryo. Your break is a switch feet spin hook kick. Upon completion, you would receive a Green Stripe directly on top of your Yellow Stripe, because we are layering knowledge.

For your last step test, or Red, you are required to perform Sections 1-4 of the Staff form, (approximately 40 motions), and execute a multi station forearm and elbow break. Upon completion, you would receive a Red Stripe on top of your previous two stripes.

When Can I Test For My Next Degree of Black Belt?

First and foremost, Testing is a PRIVILAGE, not a right. You need to earn that right.

Once you attain your Red Stripe and after your Time in Rank is met, you may be permitted to test for your next Dan Rank, based on ability, attendance, and attitude.

In example, you could test for your Red Step Test within the first few months after you receive your 1st Dan Black Belt, but you would still have to wait the Time in Rank period between 1st Dan and 2nd Dan.

In addition to your Red Stripe and Time in Rank, a Proper Attitude must be consistently displayed. Once all of the requirements have been satisfied, your Master Instructor will put a white stripe on your belt, signifying that you are ready to test.

Am I Ready to Step Test ?

If your instructor has put a white stripe on the top of your belt by your name, you are ready to step test. Please fill out an application and register.

Where Can I Step Test?

Step Testing will be held at each colored belt test at all Asian Sun locations.
3rd Dan and up must step test at our Hudson Location.

How Often Can I Step Test?

You must test separately for each step, waiting a minimum of one color belt cycle between each step.

Is There a Step Testing Fee?

There a regular testing fee since this is a regular test. Upon successfully passing your step test, you will be awarded a stripe on your belt signifying that you have completed your step level. In addition, you will also be presented with a Dan Step Test Certificate.

What Do I Need For My Step Test?

There is a list of requirements posted next to the color belt requirements at each school. Please fill out a testing application found in the lobby of your school. Check your current rank and the level that you are testing for. In example, if you are a 1st Dan going for your Yellow Step, you would check 1st Dan Yellow Step.

How Do I Register For Step Testing?

1. Find out when your school’s next color belt test is
2. Check Asiansun.net to see what time Step Testing will start at your school
3. Fill out a regular belt test form found in your school’s lobby
4. Check what Step you are testing for.
5. If this is your first Step, check Yellow under your current rank.
6. Submit your test form and appropriate test fee.
7. Make sure that you are 15 minutes early to get warmed up and ready